A very cultural (and sunny) Saturday

This past Saturday, an American friend and I woke up early after a (very) long night to go to the National Museum of Scotland. This free museum is a hop skip and a… Continue reading

For Aunt Laura’s fifth graders

Saw this store-front while shopping on Princes St!

A villain, a saint, and a whole lot of snow.

Yesterday, Michele and I got coffee at The Elephant House, the cafe where J.K.¬†Rowling wrote the first few chapters of Harry Potter. I had a cappuccino and had no trouble seeing where she… Continue reading

That time I lived five minutes from a castle…

**I apologize in advance if the pictures are disorganized! I am going to find a more picture-friendly format. If the pictures do not download on your webpage, just click on the blue box…then… Continue reading

First three days in Edinburgh…

Goodbyes & Hellos After having a tearful goodbye with Mom, Dad, and Meg at JFK, we hung out in the terminal until we boarded the plane around 5:30. Aidan (another girl from Fairfield)… Continue reading

Feelin’ ready

Eleven days to go

It’s January 1st, and in eleven days, I’ll be preparing to board a seven hour flight that will take me to Heathrow Airport in London, England. A short connecting flight will bring me… Continue reading