The lassie is back

In three days, this lassie will be back in the loch.

Well, after a 8 hour flight and connection in Heathrow. During which I’ll be freaking out the. entire. time. Because…Edinburgh.

The Grassmarket, where I had my last drink in Edinburgh.

Three days from now, I’ll most likely be sipping (hopefully free) airplane red wine from a plastic cup and re-checking my carry-on to make sure my shampoo hasn’t exploded on my paperback of Leo Africanus. The next week will be a whirlwind of sweater folding, emailing professors for makeup assignments, and figuring out how many socks I can stuff in my Bean Boots. The inexhaustible list of “to-do’s” threatens to send me into hysterics until I remember that I’ve done this before. A year and two months ago, I sat on this same couch with Frank huddled by my hip and typing on this same laptop, quaking with both excitement and nervous anticipation. The only two differences are that this time, I’m drinking Strongbow (thanks for introducing me, Edinburgh) and this time, I’ve already been there. 

Last look.

On my last night in Edinburgh, I stood at the crumbling entrance of Advocate’s close, taking a mental photograph as the clock ticked closer and closer to the dreaded 4 am. I said goodbye to the Royal Mile and tried to drink it all in. I thought it would be years since I would return. Since then, a lot has happened to make my return seem more and more inevitable.

In September, I shocked everyone (especially myself) by applying to and getting accepted to a Master’s degree program in Edinburgh.  (Whether or not I actually go is still up in the air). A long distance relationship with an Edinburgh native–who is actually a familiar face in this blog–rocked my world and kept me tied to my favorite city for more reasons than one. I’ve even had to use the Edinburgh online archives for several research papers this year!

My Scottish sweetie and I in Central Park. Recreation in Princes St. Gardens? YES.

It feels good to tap away at this blog again. My intention is to record my second journey to Edinburgh just as colorfully as my first–that is, if I can tear myself away from my “secret spot” on Arthur’s Seat for long enough to get a WiFi connection.

Here’s to part II!

Three days to go!