The bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond

After a lazy, rainy Saturday morning, Adam and I took the train through to Linlithgow, where a real British Christmas dinner awaited us. Since Adam spent Christmas with us, he never got to… Continue reading

First few days back in the burgh

Right now, Adam and I are at Spoon, tucked into a corner by the window while drinking coffee and writing our respective essays. I have my English dissertation research spread across the table–which… Continue reading

The lassie is back

In three days, this lassie will be back in the loch. Well, after a 8 hour flight and connection in Heathrow. During which I’ll be freaking out the. entire. time. Because…Edinburgh. Three days… Continue reading

Forty days and forty nights.

Forty days later, I’m remembering the first time that Edinburgh became an option. London was the first choice, for obvious reasons; English speaking, big city, popular tourist attractions. But something about the capital… Continue reading

Meggie, Malone’s, and Mary Queen of Scots

Five months ago, I was snuggled under a Home Goods blanket with Frank curled on my shoulder and Carlos between my ankles, sipping a chai tea and looking at the snow falling on… Continue reading

Goodbyes, hellos, and a hovercraft full of eels.

It’s that time of year when most of my fellow students are finishing exams and headed back to their English suburban homes or Scottish cottages. That’s a really romantic image for ‘the kids… Continue reading

It’s highland time.

One of the perks of the semester has been the abundance of friends who are also abroad across Europe. There have been couches and open arms waiting for me in Galway, Aix en… Continue reading

Glasgow & a little bit of gloom

I woke up this past Sunday at 5:15 am to walk my friend Rachel to the bus stop for her return flight to Ireland. Nowadays, sunrise is around 5 am, so the Royal… Continue reading

55.9500°N 3.2200°W

It’s that time of year: exam period. Technically it started this week, but thanks to the black cloud that is ‘revision period,’ it has felt longer than that. I’m writing to you from the… Continue reading

My Scottish Sunday.

Before I tend to the rant that will be my two weeks in Prague & Italy, I want to give you all a glimpse of my past Sunday. I was exhausted from traveling,… Continue reading